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  • SpaLuce Foot Care
  • SpaLuce Foot Care
  • SpaLuce Foot Care
  • SpaLuce Foot Care

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Change the concept of foot care!
SpaLuce Foot Care Lotion is a lotion dedicated to foot care, ushering in an era of moisturizing and keratin care. Since its launch in 2015, it has been well received and many people have been pleased and surprised by the changes in the soles. SpaLuce Foot Care Lotion contains a moisturizing ingredient with a small molecular weight that penetrates into the horny layer, so you can perform keratin care more effectively than putting it in a foot bath. Please use it with a special foot file when caring for hyperkeratosis. It can also be used as home care. Sprays lightly on the entire sole including the heels and feet, elbows and knees, leading to soft and fluffy skin.

・ Double combination of a moisturizing component with a small molecular weight that penetrates into the horny layer and a component that protects the skin surface.
・ Slightly acidic like bare skin (not alkaline to dissolve keratin).
・ Because keratin care can be done without a foot bath, it will improve the efficiency of salon work.
・ Since keratin care can be given while moisturizing, it will be finished in a plump sole.
-It can be used not only on the sole of the foot, but also on thick horny areas (elbows, knees, etc.).
-Beautiful legs and soles last long when used in home care.
・ Expected to have antibacterial effect and anti-odor effect on feet by blending tea tree.
-A subtle orange scent with refreshing and stress-care effects (free of light creation).

How to use
・ Please use as a pre-lotion for foot files.
・ Spray and apply SpaLuce foot care lotion directly to the thickened area of ​​the skin, and then lightly apply the SpaLuce foot file to move. Just by lightly filing, you can easily remove dead skin like eraser scraps.

Can also be use as a daily moisturizing care. By applying the lotion to the legs and soles, you can maintain a moist and soft condition. Please also use it on your elbows and knees. It leads to moist and soft skin.

Main ingredients
・ Water-soluble proteoglycan
·Placenta extract
・ Plant placenta
・ Pruned decomposition products
・ Acetylglucosamine
・ Allantoin
・ Tea Tree
・ Natural flavors
* Citrus-based fragrance raw materials are used in accordance with IFRA phototoxicity guidelines (light-sensitive preparation is free).
* Silicon-free and paraben-free


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